About Us


About Us


FIT MY CITY is a two way platform which can be used by the USERS including individuals, gyms, corporates, societies etc. to enroll for online/offline sessions of various kinds; and by the FITNESS INSTRUCTORS, ARTISTS AND SERVICE PROVIDERS to become a PARTNER and conduct sessions and earn either by conducting sessions or even without!

At FIT MY CITY the users can book sessions of their requirement according to their availability. The partners have to accept any booking in their area which they can fulfil according to their schedule. Anyone can also choose from a wide variety of online courses and classes to upgrade their skills.

Our Mission

We are on a mission to build a platform for

Fitness instructors, artists and service providers to help them in conducting sessions according to their schedule and to help them earn even without taking sessions and to become financially independent;

Users to help them find the professionals of any course hassle free, aligning with their need

Our Vision

Our vision is to provide the flexibility & platform to

Fitness Instructors, Artists and Service providers in finding the work relevant to their skills and get rewarded accordingly for their rocking services

Users to be able to find service providers for their requirement with ease 

To spread awareness about fitness, art, and a lot more “not so popular or well-known" services and make them available to everyone. 

To make you, your family, your city, FIT.


For any issues you can either email us at


You can also contact us by whatsapp on

 +91 7709843824