Session Fee: INR 9999 INR 19999

Whether Existing, New, or even those who are planning to be a fitness instructor soon, this is for any and everyone of you! Fit My City introduces Instructor Grooming Program. It is a 15 Sessions training program, including both practical and theoretical tools to develop your instructor skills!

An instructor's job is not limited to teaching a class only! It includes numerous minute details and techniques that, when acquired and worked on, can set from everyone!

Such techniques and skills include communication, connection, cueing, creating the perfect playlist to cater to every type of crowd and member, how to express yourselves from before entering the class till after exiting, helping members with their doubts and insecurities, and much much more! Everyone has their own unique flavor and style, and so do you! Grooming will help you to learn from various others' flavors and styles, and to combine it with yours!

Come join us for a one-month training with the best of our instructors, and learn the tried, tested and confirmed tricks of the Experience Industry! Become the best of the best!


Live Classes

The Instructor Grooming Program is a 15-session training program, where the grooming is done through practical sessions along with technical information.

You will get to attend sessions of the best of our instructors first hand, where in the initial few sessions they will teach you all the techniques, and as the sessions progress, you will start teaching with them in their sessions, where they help you out to perfect the techniques. The sessions will be a combination of different instructors' sessions, as everyone has their own unique flavor. This will help you to take the best from all and imbibe it in your own flavor and style.

By the end of the 15 sessions, you will be ready with the practical knowledge of how to take a session yourself including communication and connection with members, expressions, making your members feel confident and so on, with technical know-how of creating a playlist, cueing, mannerism and much more.

After the training, you will have unrestricted access to our Website, and also a guaranteed improvement in whatever sessions you teach!